Leveraging Team: Why you’re not getting the most out of your headcount dollars as a small business owner.


Learn How I SAVED 3 Hours on Every Project Handoff

Grab your Delegated-to-Done Framework:

  • Imagine saving 3 hours with every new initiative you hand off to your team.  No back and forth, no constant stream of questions
  • An empowered team is a productive team!  When my team knows what the expectation is in a clear actionable format they are KILLING IT with results! 
  • ​This is a google doc you can copy and start implementing with RIGHT NOW with your team!

Small business owners (women especially) are juggling a thousand responsibilities, leaving them rushed, short on time, and more overwhelmed than ever before.

If we’re honest, it hits from all sides: Client demands. Family demands. Cash flow demands.

Ever increasing pressure and stress.

Frustrated by the lack of traction, how long projects take, and their inability to “get it,” you just end up doing it yourself.

Running onto the next fire. Working long days. Sleepless nights.

And when you sleep, you dream of having some freaking support. 😉

Sure hard work is key to growing your business, but you know on some gut level that the way you’re doing it isn’t working, that just working harder is NOT the answer.

So what’s going on?

Why after all these years are you still in the struggle even though YOU are so dedicated?

Download the Delegated-to-Done framework now!

There’s another way, that’s not just about working harder.

One that’s focused on leveraging the team you have. Turning even mediocre hires into rockstars.

Using this approach, our women are reclaiming their time, increasing their joy, and finally experiencing some well-earned freedom. (Hello day off!)

With Delegate-to-Done, a short but effective framework, (there are only 6 questions you really need to answer), you can rapidly overcome your frustration and exhaustion.

 … and replace it with the proper delegation technique, which makes it easy to win back your time and leverage the people on your team meet your expectations.

About Amira

Amira Alvarez, woman and host of The Unstoppable Woman podcast, is a celebrated entrepreneur, who inspires already accomplished women to achieve further financial wealth and success while leading fulfilling lives. After achieving a remarkable fivefold income increase in one year and building a multimillion-dollar company, she found harmony between ambition, spaciousness, and contentment.
Unwilling to compromise her drive for success, she crafted a methodology for an exquisite life, allowing individuals to embrace their inner drive while finding deep fulfillment. Her path guides high-achieving women toward a life rich inside and out, where they realize their dreams without diminishing their hard-earned successes.

Amira challenges the notion that we can't have it all, leading a movement that redefines possibilities, potential, power, and ambition for women.


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